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  1. Digital Screens

    Digital Screens
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    Green Screens

    28ft x 49ft
    $440 per day

    20ft x 20ft (x2)
    $240 each per day

    20ft x 20ft Dutchman (joiner)
    $25 per day

    12ft x 20ft
    $220 per day

    12ft x 12ft
    $160 per day

    8ft x 8ft
    $140 per day

    6ft x 6ft
    $80 per day

    Blue Screens

    19ft x 28ft
    $240 per day

    8ft x 8ft
    $140 per day

    Note: We currently do not have frames for our screens.

  2. Location Drop Sheets

    Location Drop Sheets
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    Location Drop Sheets

    Non slip backing

    3m x 2.4m Drop Sheet

    $14 per day
    $14 per week

    1.5m x 2.4m Drop Sheet

    $11 per day
    $11 per week

  3. Camouflage Nets

    Camouflage Nets
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    Camouflage Nets

    6m x 3m ea. (2 matching & 1 similar)

    $11 each per day
    $11 each per week

Special effects
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  1. Antari Z-1200

    Antari Z-1200 Smoke Machine
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    Antari Z-1200 Hazer
    Series 2 Smoke Machine

    Remote with 3 metre lead

    Weight: Approx. 13.5kg (with liquid)
    Liquid: Pro Smoke Super ZR Mix (water based)

    The Antari Z1200 Smoke Machine delivers a fast and powerful fog to create a great atmospheric effect. A great unit for any space.

    $44 per day
    $132 per week

  2. Antari HZ500

    Antari HZ-500 Hazer
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    Antari HZ-500 Hazer

    LCD Timer Control Panel

    Weight: Approx. 34 kg with liquid
    Liquid: Haze Fluid HZL – 5W (water based)

    The Antari HZ 500 Hazer is the latest up to date Haze machine from the Antari brand and is second to none when it comes to performance. Super quiet and conveniently built into its own road case. The Hazer is full of haze fluid when hired. Its tank capacity is 2.5 litres which will give 50 hours of continuous haze.

    $122 per day
    $366 per week

  3. Digi Fan

    Digi Fan
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    Digi Fan

    The Digi Fan is a versatile and powerful wind machine designed for film, theatres, photographers, touring and events. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including wind effects, blowing smoke or haze, bubbles, confetti and snow.

    Remote controller with 3 metre lead.
    500 watt motor.
    Weight: 12.5kg

    $77 per day
    $300 per week

Make up
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  1. Makeup Mirror

    Makeup Mirrors
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    Makeup Mirrors

    Make up Mirrors x 2

    750h x 600w x 85d (mm)
    5 watt dimmable daylight LED globes
    Dual power & USB ports
    Max powerload 2400W 10A
    1.5M Mains plug

    $44 per day
    $132 per week

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  1. Fluorescent Tapes

    Stylus Fluorescent Gaffer 511
    24mm x 45m

    Green/Orange/Pink/Yellow - $20

  2. Nashua Gaffa Tapes

    Nashua Gaffer Tapes 48mm x 40m

    Black/White/Silver - $25

    Matt Black 27.5m - $30

  1. Fluorescent Tapes

    Shurtape Black Photomask

    24mm - $22

    48mm - $37

  1. Stylus Double Sided

    Stylus Double Sided
    (gum type)

    (tape on left)

    24mm - $17

    48mm - $28

    Stylus High Bond

    (tape on right)

    12mm - $17

    24mm - $25


  1. Fluorescent Tapes

    Joe's Sticky Stuff

    12mm x 6.1m (Tin) - $37

    12mm x 20m (Roll) - $46

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  1. Matt Spray

    Matt Dulling Spray


All prices include GST. Delivery and Drop off available upon request - prices vary on location.

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